quinta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2006


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Henry Jenkins, pensador influente e director do Comparative Media Studies Program do MIT, iniciou uma série de entrevistas com alguns dos líderes do movimento de criação de jogos indie. A primeira é com Greg Costikyan, da cada vez mais falada Manifesto Games.

Um trecho do artigo de Jenkins, que estabelece o tom para as entrevistas.

“Many of us have long wondered when and how a strong independent games culture might emerge. Across most other media, we have seen in recent years the resurgence or emergence of strong indie and niche media production: the rising visibility of documentary films; the growing respectability of graphic novels; the fragmentation of the music marketplace, the proliferation of ever more specialized periodicals, and so forth. This is what Chris Anderson is talking about when he describes the Long Tail effect. Yet, during this same period, there have been strong barriers of entry into the platform market and companies like Electronic Arts have been gobbling up more and more so-called boutique studios resulting in a consolidation of games publishing. In such a world, what incentive is there for diversity and creativity in games design? How might we support distinctive and visionary work in games? How do we broaden which publics get addressed by the games industry or expand the range of acceptable game genres?”